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Strength-Based Autism Assessment

Strength-Based Autism Assessments

Strength-based assessments focus on a person’s strengths, including their family, academic, and community supports and relationships. In addition, these types of assessments illustrate ways to use these strengths to create change and well-being. Using a combination of strength-based and evidence-based assessment methods is particularly helpful, because it allows us to take a perspective that is not just focused on deficits, but also allows our personal strengths to shine. This strength-focused perspective is particularly helpful when considering and designing effective interventions and supports for individuals and families with loved ones on the autism spectrum [1].

Our strength-based autism assessments give families and individuals a sense of the tools and resources that they can draw upon at this time to make their lives better. We use standardized performance-based instruments and questionnaires (for instance, the ADOS-2) as well as qualitative measures to gather information. During and after the assessment, we work closely with other team members (including teachers, tutors, advocates, behavioral specialists, and physicians) to ensure consistency and clear communication.

Feedback addresses current challenges in communication, attention, processing, and more and provides suggestions on ways to integrate strengths into interventions. For children and adolescent clients, we create feedback that responds to their own questions and concerns, and is developmentally appropriate and tailored to their interests.

[1] Cosden, M. et. al (2006)